The future growth of GIS Market in India in context of 3D and 2D data ?


I would like to know from the GIS industry people about the future growth of the GIS Market in india , As in current market trends the people are slightly moving the off-the-shelf available GIS solutions and data product instead of the new data creation .

Requesting and looking forward the views from the market experts in the industry segment .

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  1. Answer is still awaited experts !!

  2. India is one of the fastest growing economy in terms of the software market and developing infrastructure context in the coming year the market cap is the huge in both 2D GIS data creation,processing and high accuracy 3D data production and processing to boost the infrastructure projects in rail ,road and telecom sectors . In most of the transport infrastructure projects the spatial technology ( Including Lidar data ) play the tremendous role to manage in an adequate manner from inception , planning final execution on the ground using state-of-the art technology by putting every single attributes on a right dimension .

    Since last couple of years most of the developed countries has outsourced the traditional GIS data creation to the Indian member firms to create and attributization of GIS data in a 2 dimensional shape with simple digitizing process because of the low cost resources and quality data, If we talk about three dimensional GIS data then its little tricky because of huge instrumentals and high skills resources involvement during data productions ,data quality process and data development.

    In india GIS market shall be remain unchanged specially in three dimensional data process in different infrastructure sector the scope to increases the market cap in the 2d segment may slightly affect because of the off-the shelf data availability but it will gear-up the speed once the updation of the data require .

    My views are absolutely based on the current market research and industrial scenario in context of indian GIS market.

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