How can I teach myself to create an Admin Panel with Bootstrap framework and PHP ?


Hi am working on an airport security system for my final  project and would like help in creating an Admin Panel  from scratch with Bootstrap framework and PHP for backend.If anyone has a video tutorial i will really appreciate

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  1. Thanks Stephen Darunga for asking the question on the askjugadu platform !!

    1. First of all you have to create prepare for your primary preparation like Installation of WAMP server and have to make sure that all the services are running properly or not , If any of the services are not working then you have to start it by changing the port which might be using some other applications .

    2. Later you have to create your database in the Mysqol workbench or Phpmyadmin with the require fields then you have to place all these stuffs at the root web directory .

    3. Now your coding exercise will be starting from here , For this you can install the Notepad++ with all the require plugins and place the bootstrap framework in the appropriate place of the directory : for more details or off-the-shelf admin panel in php mysql you can refer below mention links :

    With above link you can learn step by step tutorials to create the admin panel .

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  2. Use WordPress framework or other similar type of frameworks( open source)

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