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Opportunity of short term Course -International Course in Applied Geomatics.

Opportunity of short term Course -International Course in Applied Geomatics.

An International course available for the short course in GIS and Geomatics for Eight weeks


This is an international course in applied geomatics to socioenvironmental problems. It involves 4 European universities of excellence in the field of geographical information systems: U Nova of Lisbon, TU Delft, U Firenze and U Glasgow.

The goal is to provide multidisciplinary training in applied geomatics to topics such as sustainable development and ecosystem services, land administration, architecture and build environment, sustainable forest and agriculture, smart sustainable cities, climate change, and renewable energy sources.

This innovative 8-module course will allow you to choose alternative training paths according to your profile.

This 8 weeks course is free, with approximately 80h of study and you have to complete a minimum of 4 modules to obtain a certificate.

The registration and the attendance in the course are online. Please click here to registrate.

The first module starts this Sunday, May 20th! Don’t miss it!


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