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GIS Technology in Public Health Surveillance

A sound body has a sound mind and a sound health is a right of everyone . Now a days due to different environment factors and very busy life style of individuals there are so many health risk factors are accruing in human health.

The respective country’s centrals govt and state govt are putting their level best efforts to minimize the outbreaks of disease by frequent interventions of the Immunization programs and other Public health interventions, But instead of these all efforts some time the outbreaks are happened and risk of endemics increased .

Now a days technological interventions in public health sectors has also been increased and its giving the tremendous result with better outcome and impact in both urban and rural context .Recent years GIS technology has also been playing the robust tole to managing the Public health as a decision support system and managing the health and disease surveillance and results are tremendously better . The public health experts are using it for mapping of the disease and their surrounding parameters which are creating the cause.


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