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GIS and Remote Sensing for industrial cluster and Landscape Planning


Industrial planning and its adequate landscape is an appropriate way to plan any industrial establishment, which lead the balanced environment conditions and good characteristics in urban and rural context for the better human lives and their livelihood.

Since last two decade across the globe the imbalance in the environment ecosystem and climate change with respect to the growing unplanned industrial structures in the urban periphery lead the climate disturbance and impacting the human behaviours as well climate ecosystem surrounding the city contexts indirectly.

Growing unplanned Industrialization patterns and an unauthorised industry establishment in the urban limits lead the severe impact on the human behaviours.

Since last two decades the technology interfere is playing an innovative role to plan the industrial landscape in a better way by keeping all the aspect in the minds, where Geospatial technology is the one of the catalyst, which is enabling the urban planners and industrial planner to established them as an appropriate location using GIS based planning  .

Role of GIS and Remote Sensing Technology in Industrial Planning :

GIS technology is the set of hardware of software to retrieve and analyse information with respect to the real earth for better planning and decision support where remote sensing is the art and science of getting information of an object without any physical interventions, both of the technology are supplementary to each other.

Modern geospatial technology is based on the remote sensing and where spatial data can be generated from the remotely sensed imageries based on the different interpretation techniques for the planning perspectives.

In the industrial context and before planning the industrial layout near to the urban limits or beyond the urban limits a details study has to be carried out by keeping demographic context in a spatial medium and has to derive a details EIA (Environment Impact Assessment) Plan and EMP (Environment Management Plan) for the particular cluster of the industry or an individual establishment and study the factors which are affecting the habituated areas by the industry.

A detailed Land Use Land Cover Plan Map has to be prepared based on the satellite data by keeping the sufficient buffer or proximity analysis of the affected habituated areas in the proximity of the industrial chunk and based on the that a detailed reports has to be submitted to the corresponding bodies for the further approvals.

With the above summery we can say that GIS technology along with remote sensing play a vital role for planning of industrial cluster in proximity of the city areas or the rural habitations.



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